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Work Visas in Honduras

work visa for hondurans

The jobs that are granted in the United States are those that are classified as temporary mostly, since it establishes a period of time to stay. In order to travel to the United States, you need to apply for a work visa at the United States embassy in Tegucigalpa.

Next, we will explain to you what are the requirements and steps to follow to obtain your work visa without any problem and in the easiest way.

Requirements for work visas in Honduras

The requirements that are requested to access a work visa in Honduras is to complete the requested visa applications, the corresponding visa applications are: H-2A or H-2B.

Other requirements are:

  • Request a visa petition, which is composed of:
    • Un temporary work certificate from the United States Department of Labor.
    • receive approval (I-797) from USCIS.
  • Schedule Appointment to process the work visa at the US Embassy.
  • Introduce Identification Card.
  • Passport Number in case you have it.
  • Requested forms.
  • In Honduras, all requests for H-2A and H-2B visas are awarded at the United States Embassy in Tegucigalpa. 
  • Applicants will need the Electronic Application for Nonimmigrant Visa DS-160.
  • Pay the processing fee, which is $190 dollars. You must bring proof of payment with you on the day of the appointment.
  • You must respect the dates of stay because if they are not respected you will be penalized and you will not be able to get a visa again.

Work visas for the United States in Honduras

existing different work visas If you want to request one, you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs and desires. Next, we leave you which ones exist and their most important details.

  • Temporary non-agricultural workers: Honduran citizens may travel to the United States for temporary non-agricultural employment.
  • Seasonal Farm Workers: Applicants can work temporary jobs in agriculture, construction, forestry, and many other types of industries.
  • Nonimmigrant Transitional Worker.
  • Employees permanent.
  • Merchants by commercial treaty.
  • Investors by commercial treaty.
  • professionals with Specialized Works, Cooperative Research with the DOD and Workers of Development Projects and Haute Couture Models
  • representatives Media Foreign
  • Transfer of Executives or Managers Within the Same Company.
  • Transfer of Professionals with Specialized Knowledge o Experts within the same company.
  • People with Extraordinary Abilities or Achievements.
  • religious worker Temporary nonimmigrant.
  • Temporary professionals of the Free Trade Agreement of America from North.

How to apply for a work visa in Honduras?

For apply for a work visa the steps you need to follow They are the ones we leave below.

  • First you must complete the form found in the following link visa form.
  • Then tapping the next button Work visa application you must:
    • create you one user account.
    • Complete the information .
    • Enter the visa confirmation number.
    • Pay the corresponding fee.
      • Online.
      • Through the Atlántida bank.
  • Request an appointment at the embassy In case you require an interview, you just have to deliver the requested documents to the following email: [email protected].
  • Then, You will be notified when you must appear to collect the documents and your work visa.

We inform you that the processing time is two days after receiving the requested passports and documents.

Required documents

It is necessary for you to gather and turn in all necessary documents that we detail below:

  • Copy of form I-797B Notice of Action – Approval notice.
  • confirmation sheet of the DS-160 with the barcode.
  • Honduran passport with a minimum of six (6) months of validity. 
  • a color photo with white background, size 2X2 inches.
  • USCIS Extensions – if you received any H-2A or H-2B visa extensions while previously working in the United States.

Is it possible to make an urgent emergency appointment? 

In case you require an appointment urgently, you can request it without justification, although later in the interview you must express the reason for your request.

Request your urgent appointment here: advance appointment

You only have to complete all the information required to request the advance appointment.  In the following days you will be notified when your application has been approved or rejected.

Why was my work visa application rejected?

If your visa application was rejected, it is because it does not have all your complete information, or you do not meet the essential requirements. You will be able to apply again for another visa in about a month. In the event that it is rejected, you will be notified with the reason and in case you can arrange or discuss your rejection. you can go to the embassy and resume your visa application, as long as the authorized people of the place see it pertinent.

Workers' rights in the USA

If you manage to obtain a work visa for the United States, always verify that you have the same rights as any citizen, so the following conditions must be in order and be fulfilled:

  • You should receive a additional pay for overtime.
  • El treatment must be professional and equitable from your employer.
  • To receive decent housing conditions.
  • Receive a fair pay, even if you are paid piecework.
  • Be free from discrimination.
  • Freedom from sexual harassment and exploitation.
  • Have a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Request help from union groups, immigrants and labor rights.
  • Leaving an abusive employment situation.
  • Never have to pay fees to a labor recruiter.
  • Receive a written job offer in a language you understand. This should contain detailed information about wages, duration of work, hours, benefits (including transportation, housing, and food or food preparation facilities), and any deductions from your paycheck.

We inform you that in case of any eventuality or that the rights of the worker are not respected You can call the number that you will be given when you apply for the visa. of work.

How to get a legitimate job offer?

When choosing a job to get a work visa, you should pay attention to the following situations:

  • The employer always changes the date of the appointment at the Embassy or the date of departure for the United States.
  • The employer cannot clearly explain the costs of the application.
  • The employer requests additional payments that “guarantee” the issuance of the visa or an interview with a specific official at the US Embassy.
  • The employer does not provide details about the job (company name, city and state of the work location, list of job responsibilities, salary information, or length of contract).

In the event of any of these situations report the employer and do not accept any job as it may be a scam or hoax. To make a complaint, contact the following email: [email protected].

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