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Honduran Consulate Power of Attorney

power of attorney Honduran consulate

 The power of attorney allows you to legalize documents to send to the United States, it also provides that a person close to you can carry out administrative procedures with your consent. This power of attorney allows expediting procedures and sending them through a notarial signature to Honduras.

If you are interested in make a power of attorney at the Honduran Consulate and you do not know how to manage the process on this site, we will guide you and give you the information so that you can carry out the process correctly.

Simple Honduran power of attorney

Honduran people who are in the United States and want to make a power of attorney only you must follow these steps that we detail below.

  1. You must first complete the power of attorney.
  2. Then, you must request a Notary in the United States. We suggest that consult the Honduran consulates in the USA about contacts with notaries, since there they suggested one from Honduras.
  3. Once presented before the notary, he must review the power of attorney and the respective documents, if everything is in order, you will sign the documents and the notary will ratify it. This is how you will obtain the document validated and apostilled in the State Office to which the Notary belongs.

Download letter of power

Download your power of attorney from the next button, remember to take into account the steps that we detailed above.

Where can I get a power of attorney in the United States?

The letter of power in the United States is obtained by presenting yourself in some nearest Honduran consulate to your home. You can also request it from a notary and carry out the corresponding process with him.

What is a power of attorney for?

The Letter of Power in Honduras is a legal document through which a person (known as the "principal") grants authority and powers to another person (the "proxy" or "representative") to act on your behalf and carry out certain procedures, legal procedures or specific actions in Honduras. This letter grants the agent the legal capacity to make decisions and carry out actions on behalf of the principal, in situations where the principal cannot be physically present or prefers to delegate his responsibilities.

The Power of Attorney can be used for a variety of purposes, such as managing legal, business, financial, or personal matters in Honduras. Some common examples of situations in which a Power of Attorney could be used include:

  1. Purchase or sale of properties.
  2. Representation in legal or judicial proceedings.
  3. Bank account management.
  4. Withdrawal of official documents.
  5. Carrying out procedures in government institutions.
  6. Signing of contracts and legal documents.
  7. Business and trade affairs.

Notarial power of attorney for procedures

The requirements that you must present in the power of attorney for procedures are the ones that we leave you below:

  1. Complete the form or power of attorney duly.
  2. Accompany the power of attorney with your valid passport o Honduran Identity Card. You must present the original and a copy.
  3. In the event that another person presents the power of attorney, they must show their Identity Card and be over 21 years of age.
  4. The exact name of the institution before which the person to whom the Power of Attorney is granted must appear must appear.
  5. Make sure that the model of power of attorney you use is appropriate for the procedure you want to carry out.
  6. In the event that the power of attorney is for a bank transaction or another financial institution, you must submit a photocopy of the page where the account number and the name of the bank where you maintain the account appear.

Power of attorney to obtain a passport for a minor

To request the issuance of a passport to a minor, it is necessary that Present the identification documents of the guardians and the minor. In addition, the guardians must give their express consent and present it when processing the passport.

The forms and letters of power that you must present are the following:

  • Fill in power of attorney DS-3053, notarize it and send it along with a photocopy of your personal identification on both sides, when applying for the minor's passport.
  • If for some reason one of the parents cannot be located, the passport application must be accompanied by power of attorney DS-5525, complete with as much detail as possible. They may ask you for more documentation at the Honduran Consulate.
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