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Honduras Immigration Precheck

Honduran immigration pre-check

To enter and leave Honduras it is a requirement Mandatory to carry out the migratory pre-check, this is issued by the Comprehensive Biometric Control System for people to register their trip and thus expedite procedures at the airport.

If you are residing in the United States and need to obtain the pre-check to migrate to Honduras, on this site we will inform you how to do it without problems, easily and quickly.

How to carry out the Immigration Pre-check?

The pre-check is carried out one week before the date of the trip to be made, it can be managed easily from the comfort of your home, only you must follow the steps that we leave you below.

know the Honduran consulates in the United States

The first step is to enter your migration account with the following button, if you do not have an account, touch where it says “register “first time” and complete the information required in the user registration form and press the register button. Then an activation link will be sent to your email that you have to validate in order to enter your account.

Steps to complete the Honduras pre-check

After starting your account, continue with these steps to perform the pre-check correctly:

  • Once inside your account, go to where it says "Pre-Check" and touch the "Create Pre-Check" button.
  • Continue the steps for pre-check registration by entering your trip information.
  • Register your travel document, they can be:
  • Write your required personal data.
  • Add the data requested by the Secretary of Health.
  • Ready, in this way your pre-check will be registered successfully. You must check your email 3 days after completing the pre-check because there you will receive the confirmation of your trip, which is of the utmost importance that you present the day of boarding.

In case you need to report your pre-check or any data expressed, you only have to go to the tab that expresses "reports" on the home page and do it without problem.

Change of password of the Honduran immigration pre-check

In case you want to change your password to carry out the Honduran immigration precheck, you just have to touch, in the menu bar, where your name is expressed and then will allow you to change the password In a simple way.

If you do not remember the password, you just have to click on the following link and through your email you will be Give a new password so you can access the system and carry out the Honduran immigration pre-check.

Entry requirements to Honduras

The requirements that are requested to be able to enter the State of Honduras are the following:

  1. Complete the Migratory Precheck for Honduras one week before the trip.
  2. Submit the required health data, these are:
    • Covid-19 RT-PCR test.
    • Antigens or Elisa negative with 72 hours of validity.
    • Present scheme or vaccination card (2 to 3 doses).
    • Yellow fever vaccine requirements.
    • Name, telephone and email as a requirement for an emergency.
    • You must express your body temperature.
  3. An Migration Officer will answer your request, if it is authorized or denied
  4. Subsequently, your entry will be confirmed by email.
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