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Marriage certificate

honduras marriage

The Honduran citizens who are residing in the United States and need the marriage certificate may request it, since this document is important because it contains the complete data of the spouses and the place and date of the marriage which are often provided as evidence for bureaucratic procedures, as it is with the application for a residence card (Green card) in USA.

We will inform you here about How should you proceed to request the marriage certificate? smoothly.

Marriage certificate online Honduras

The people who meet en United States and need to obtain the marriage certificate can apply online through a person who can be someone hired by you or a family member, he or she must have a power of attorney to be able to carry out the procedure.

The steps that the relative must follow are the following:

  1. Must appear in the National Registry of the Municipality where you registered or registered the marriage within Honduras.
  2. Must show full names and identity cards of each spouse.
  3. Then must request the Certified Copy of the Marriage Folio by the local authorities or an official registrar who signs and seals the marriage copy.
  4. It is of utmost importance that the folio copy of marriage is:
    • authenticated at the General Secretariat of the National Registry of Persons in Tegucigalpa.
    • Apostilled at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, located in downtown Tegucigalpa, next to the National Congress.
  5. Finally, the person who carried out this procedure You can send the legalized marriage copy by email.

We inform you that it is likely that you can find the Copy of the Marriage Book in the Central Archive of the National Registry of Persons located in Tegucigalpa.

The process is done in one day and the cost of the apostille is L150.00 and the payment is made by Receipt TGR-1 in the name of the interested party in any bank.

Honduran marriage certificate

In case you require the Marriage certificate from the Honduran Consulate closest, you can go to the place and request a copy of the certified marriage certificate. There they will take your personal data and then they will tell you how many days you will have to wait for the process to be carried out.

We inform you that the process usually takes time due to the demand of people who request it, in addition to the sending of the legalized certificate in physical format to the Honduran consulate in the USA it may take up to a month to ship.

RNP Honduras marriage certificate

The document known as Folio copy of the Marriage Book is issued by the National Registry of Persons (RNP) where the marriage occurred legally, since marriages in ecclesiastical institutions are not valid for the State.

At the consulate you must apply for the Certified copy of the folio with original stamp and signature of the registrar of the RNP issuing office.

We also report two important issues to consider:

  • The RNP has two variations of the marriage certificate. For immigrant purposes, the Immigrant Visa Unit requires the “Marriage Folio”.
  • They are not accepted for visa processing the following documents: Life records, resume, literals, certifications and their annotations.

Honduras marriage certificate certification

We express that, if you reside in the USA and you request the marriage certificate to carry out some procedure within the United States, you must make a power of attorney to a person close to you to request the required document, although the offices have the right to request a notarized document from the applicant that grants power permission. The people who request the certificate can obtain the notarized statement at any Honduran consulate and mail the certified forms to their representatives or relatives in Honduras.

alternative documents that you can receive at the consulate are the marriage folios prior to 1984, these are usually handwritten with the RNP seal or logo on the document. As of the year 2000, handwritten minutes are no longer found because the pages were typed.

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