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Honduran Consular Registration

consular registration appointment

The document implemented in 2017 by the Honduran government known as Matrícula Consular allows different procedures to be carried out within the United States because has high standards of security measures. That is, it includes an electronic chip that proves originality, and allows it to be verified by government authorities.

To access the Honduran Consular Registration it is necessary to meet certain requirements and process your application at the consulates. Next, We will detail how to manage it correctly to access the registration.

What is needed to obtain the Honduran Consular Registration?

To apply for the Honduran Consular Registration it is necessary to meet the requirements that we detail below.

Mandatory requirements:

  • It is pertinent to demonstrate that you are a Honduran citizen by birth.
  • Introduce birth certificate or certificate.
  • Present Identity Card in original format and a photocopy to deliver to the Honduran Consulate where you request your appointment.
  • Be registered in the National Registry of Persons.
  • Prove your residence within the United States.
  • Request a consular appointment.
  • Submit proof of payment.
  • In case of renewal of the Honduran Consular Registration, present the one that is no longer valid.
  • In case of theft or loss of your Consular Registration, it is pertinent to present yourself at the Consulate with the complaint made in the District Police Department where you reside

Appointment for Honduran Consular Registration

To request a consular appointment to process the Honduran Consular Registration it is necessary that you touch the following button and complete the data that will be requested.

Then, you must specify in which county or city of the United States you reside to present yourself with the confirmation of the consular appointment and the other requirements detailed above to finish the management of your Honduran Consular Registration. In case you live in peripheral places, you can access the mobile Honduran Consulates on the dates published by each Consulate.

We inform you that The Registration is completed in person at the Honduran Consulate closest to your home On the day of the consular appointment, the approximate waiting time for you to obtain your Matricula Consular is 20 minutes.

How much does the Honduran Consular Registration cost?

El value of the Honduran Consular registration is 25 dollars, this price may be subject to financial variables within the United States. In addition, it is paid through Money Order in all States and counties of the USA.

We inform you that The Matricula Consular is valid for 2 years, after that time it is necessary that you renew it to continue receiving the benefits it grants.

What is the Honduran Consular Registration in the USA for?

The benefits and procedures that allow you to manage the Consular Registration in the United States of America are the following:

  • The Matricula Consular is used to open a bank account within the United States.
  • As it is an identification document, it can replace the identity card, but not the honduran passport.
  • There are states where the Matricula Consular of Honduras is considered as a official identity document.
  • In some states of the USA it is used to process a driver's license, as it is in the case of the State of California.
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