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Honduras birth certificate

consulate birth certificate

The birth certificate It is the official document that is given to a person at birth, this is extremely important because it shows the personal data of the person and their parents, in addition to the marginal observations and the identification of the document in the document. National Register of Persons.

The request of your Honduran birth certificate being in United States You can do it easily in person Honduran consulate or through the internet. In this article we will help you to obtain your birth certificate correctly and without problems.

How to get a birth certificate online Honduras?

One of the ways to request a birth certificate is by doing it online and from the comfort of your home. The steps to request it are the following that we detail below.

  1. You must download the application In the following link birth certificate application
  2. Once you have downloaded the application you must open it and touch where it says "print document"
  3. then squeeze in "request birth certificate".
  4. Then choose the option “choose scanner quality”.
  5. Subsequently, you must focus barcode that appears in your identity card.
  6. The application will ask you if the birth certificate you are requesting is yours or your child's. Touch the corresponding option.
  7. Done, so you will get your Honduran birth certificate.

Honduran birth certificate

Honduran citizens who decide to carry out the birth certificate in person by presenting themselves at the honduran consulate closest in the United Statesthey must apply for a consular appointment to carry out the corresponding procedure.

There you can request the birth certificate without problems, although you may be asked for a notarized permission that you will have to manage before.

Notarized permit in Honduras for birth certificate

notarized permission It is done before presenting yourself at the consulate to carry out the process of requesting the birth certificate. You must go to honduran consulate closest and manage a notary document which serves as permission and which will be used by your representative in Honduras to pick up your birth certificate in Honduras and then you can send the document physically or by email.

We inform that the elected representative it is necessary that it be a lawyer or relative, it must be presented at the offices of the National Registry of Persons in Honduras because the authorities are there to request this type of permit.

It is important to mention that, to carry out your legal procedures abroad, it is necessary that authenticate your birth certificate at the Secretary of the National Registry of Honduran Persons and apostilles at the office of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Honduras birth certificate

Honduran birth certificate It is extremely important to carry out legal procedures, carry out some academic registration or labor management, it also serves to carry out business paperwork or government proceedings, among other procedures. This document issued from the National Registry of Persons It is highly trusted by other authorities and bureaucratic procedures, so it is necessary that you request it if you are in the United States from America.

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