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Safe conduct Honduras

safe conduct honduras consulate

The travel document known as Safe Conduct, in Honduras is issued by the immigration authorities and It is valid and valid for 30 days., the main function is to be able to use this document in the event that Honduran people who are abroad have to travel to Honduras and do not have a passport.

On this site you will find the important information that you need to know to carry out the safe conduct of Honduras in a simple way and obtain an appointment online.

Requirement for safe conduct Honduras

The requirements that you need to have to carry out the process and be able to obtain the safe-conduct to travel to Honduras are the following.

  • Complete the Safe Conduct application form. The fingerprint and your signature must appear on it.
  • Verify that the data is correct and that all the information is legible.
  • Introduce Identity card.
  • Introduce birth certificate or documents proving your nationality.
  • Two passport photos (2×2 size).
  • License of the driver who will make the transfer and the characteristics of the vehicle and Inspection Ticket.
  • Pay the corresponding value of the procedure through Money Order.
  • In the event that you travel through a non-profit entity, it is necessary to present the travel itinerary, signature and fingerprint.
  • If you do not have a Honduran identity card or valid passport, you can present an Affidavit of a relative issued by a Notary in Honduras or by a Consular Office. It is very important to submit a photo of the person making the affidavit.

How to request a safe-conduct for Honduras?

To request a safe-conduct for Honduras it is necessary to request a consular appointment and then follow the steps that we leave below.

  1. Appear on the day of the consular appointment at the chosen Consulate.
  2. At the consulate they will make you fill out a form with personal data and another with supporting documents.
  3. You must specify the type of safe-conduct you want to make.
  4. Your trip data will be taken as well as its itinerary.
  5. Bring the proof of payment of the safe-conduct management, which is 10 dollars.
  6. Done, the safe-conduct will be made correctly and then an email will be sent to you confirming your safe-conduct request.

Can I travel from the US to Honduras without a passport?

The people who can travel without a passport and without making the safe-conduct are those that appear in the following list:

  • Production of Food that enters the country.
  • Food transport, Food and beverage distribution center.
  • Medical staff.
  • Personnel working in agricultural industries.
  • All cargo transportation.
  • Humanitarian transport and health logistics.
  • Water supplies.
  • Personnel from private security companies and transportation of valuables.
  • Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Banks.
  • Telecommunication company staff.
  • National security.

Who can process a safe conduct? 

The people who can request the safe-conduct are the following:

  • People who want to transfer the body of a recently deceased relative.
  • People who decide to return to Honduras due to natural disasters or economic calamities.
  • People who have a justified flight emergency.
  • Entry of Hondurans to the national territory and exit of the country for foreign citizens.
  • The companies that are in the PCM 021-2020 must carry out the safe-conduct.
  • People who are from other countries and are in transit through the national territory.
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