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Appointment Consulate of Honduras in Tampa

When you are residing outside your native country you may need to carry out some important procedure such as obtaining a passport or certifying documents. He Consulate of Honduras in Tampa It fulfills the role of the institution that carries out these procedures and also has several services.

Here you will find the necessary information to request an appointment or contact the Honduran Consulate in Tampa. You will also have at your disposal how to remove the Honduras passport, what other services are necessary to live in the USA and what are the documents necessary for consular procedures. In the end you will be able to see all the Honduran consulates in the United States that will help you if you want to introduce yourself to someone else because of the proximity.

Private appointment for the Honduran consulate in Tampa

To be able to make a consular appointment completely quickly, you can do so tapping the next button that we left you, you must enter the system and respond to the form that appears:

Please note that the date and time designated by the system cannot be changed. If you cannot attend on the day of the appointment, you will have to cancel the appointment so that another user can go in your place.

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Contact with the Honduran Consulate in Tampa

To appear at the consulate once you have an appointment you will have to go to the following address:

  • (I.e.777 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126, United States

If you want to communicate before attending because you have questions about the service, you can call the following telephone number that we leave you below:

  • 📞Phone number of the Honduran consulate in Tampa: +50422327800

What are the documents that you cannot forget?

The documents you need are several, but not difficult to obtain, we express that each consular service has different documents that they will request from you. Next, we will tell you which are the main papers that you need to have on hand:

  • Identity card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Application Form
  • Recent passport size photograph (2×2 inches)
  • Proof of address
  • Pay consular fees

How to get the Honduran passport?

The most important thing to begin the process of your new Honduran passport is to request an appointment in order to later appear at the consulate in person and with all the necessary documents. To make an appointment you must touch the following link that we leave you and start with the first step:

If you requested your consular appointment, but you will not be able to attend, Thank you from the consulate to cancel it so that another Honduran has the opportunity to obtain it.

What other services are there at the Honduran consulate in Tampa?

In case you are wondering what type of procedures can be carried out in a Honduran Consulate in the USA, here we will help you and tell you which are the most important procedures. You have to know that these procedures are limited and you will not be able to do the same ones as in your home country. You can choose the procedure you want to carry out at the Honduran Consulate in Tampa without problems.

Honduran Consulates in the United States

If you want to know the other consulates that Honduran citizens have in the United States, we leave them here. You can access complete information about the consulate by tapping on each one, from addresses to important procedures.

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