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Honduras customs declaration online

The Regional Affidavit of the Traveler is a standardized form of application in Honduras for the efficient management of international trade, tax collection, and the protection of the security and well-being of the country. The customs declaration ensures that Honduras complies with international trade regulations and standards, thus facilitating foreign trade and commercial relations with other countries.

We will tell you here how complete the form online before attending customs or once inside it quickly and easily. You will be able to see which is the procedure what you should follow and what are the reasons for the declaration for Honduran travelers. Likewise, we will indicate to you under what circumstances you will have to declare your money and some formalities that will be of interest like the passport. Finally, you will see all the Honduran consulates in the USA with the information available for each one.

Process to make the customs declaration

At start with customs declaration In Honduras you will have to take your computer or cell phone with internet and enter the system that we leave you below:

Then, you must search for the online services option and that's it, the fields you must complete will appear.

Honduras customs form

It is necessary complete the corresponding form at customs if you want to travel, this document can be done online and without leaving the comfort of your home, that is why to make it easier we leave you the following button:

Fill out all required fields on the customs declaration form. This may include:

  • Data from importer exporter.
  • Detailed information of the goods (description, quantity, value, origin, etc.).
  • Data from Services (type of transport, container number, etc.).

Customs Declaration What is the procedure to follow?

The process usually includes some steps that you will have to complete and follow, below we leave you the most important steps to help you in the process. Honduran customs pre-check:

  1. Document Preparation: Gather all necessary documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, etc.
  2. Filling out the Declaration Form: Complete the customs declaration form with detailed information about the goods.
  3. Presentation and Shipping: Send the declaration, either online or on paper, to the customs authorities.
  4. Payment of Taxes and Duties: Make the payment of the corresponding taxes and duties.
  5. Inspection and Release: Customs authorities review the declaration and may perform physical inspections before releasing the goods.

Purposes of the Customs Declaration in Honduras

If you are thinking why you need complete the form and carry out the pre-check that they ask of you, you can see below what are the reasons for the customs declaration in Honduras:

Control and Supervision of Goods

  • Trade Regulation: Helps customs authorities regulate and monitor the flow of goods entering and leaving the country, ensuring that trade laws and regulations are complied with.
  • National security: Allows the identification and control of assets that may represent risks to the country's security, such as weapons, drugs, and other prohibited or restricted items.

Collection of Taxes and Duties

  • Customs taxes: Facilitates the collection of taxes and duties on imported goods, which is an important source of revenue for the government.
  • Goods Valuation: Through the declaration, the customs value of the goods is determined, which serves as the basis for calculating the corresponding taxes.

Business Statistics

  • Commercial data: Provides essential data for the preparation of foreign trade statistics, helping the government understand import and export trends and volumes.
  • Economic policy: These statistics are essential for the formulation of economic and trade policies, as well as for the negotiation of trade treaties and agreements.
  • Treaties and Agreements: Assists in compliance with the terms of international trade treaties and agreements.

Prevention of Smuggling and Fraud

  • Contraband Detection: Helps detect and prevent smuggling and customs fraud, ensuring that all goods are declared and the corresponding taxes are paid.
  • Quality Control and Health Standards: Allows you to verify that imported products comply with quality, sanitary and phytosanitary standards, thus protecting public health and the environment.

Importance for Importers and Exporters

For importers and exporters, customs declaration is essential to:

  • Avoid Sanctions: Proper compliance with customs obligations helps avoid fines, penalties and delays in the release of goods.
  • Financial planning: Knowing customs and tariff costs allows for better financial and pricing planning.
  • Operational Fluency: Facilitates the logistics process and ensures fluidity in commercial operations.

Goods to enter duty-free at Honduran customs

If you want to know what all the merchandise that can enter Without having to pay anything for the free tax that exists under the regime of absent Hondurans, you will have to touch the following button and find out what they are:

Money declaration at Honduran customs

In the event that the traveler declares cash, electronic purses, securities or negotiable instruments such as bearer traveler's checks or any other immediately convertible securities equal or greater than $. 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Dollars) of the United States of America or its equivalent in national currency or any foreign currency, the Customs Authority will provide you with Form DARA-002 Single Affidavit of International Transportation of Cash or Securities of Immediate Convertibility equal to or exceeding the amount of $10,000.00 or its equivalent in any foreign currency, for its respective filling.

In the event that supporting documents are not presented on the origin of the reported values ​​or there is doubt about them, the Police Authority or the Directorate of Fight against Drug Trafficking (DLCN) will be informed for the corresponding actions in accordance with the law.

Consular Procedures that may interest you

Honduran Consulates in the United States

If you want to know the other consulates that Hondurans have in the USA, here we provide them:

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