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Honduras Criminal Record

If you want to get a job in American companies, they will ask you for a primary requirement which is he Honduran criminal record. This document is important because it ends up being an exclusive condition.

We will explain below how request background information online judiciary of Honduras. We will also tell you What are the other documents requested? by American companies and what are the costs specific to each certificate.

Request Honduras criminal records online

ask for the application for a background check certificate criminal offenses is very easy and can be done individually from your home from any cell phone or computer that has internet. You need to follow the steps specified below.

In order to start you must touch the next button:


  • Select the type of certificate of background you want.
  • Then you will have to create an account with an email and password to enter the system or if you do not have one, you must register with your information.
  • Finally, you will be able to see the background document to download and if you want you can print it.

That's how simple you will get your criminal record document to present wherever you want.

Who can request apostilled criminal records from Honduras?

In roles that involve security, such as police or security, It is common for criminal records to be required as part of the hiring process. However, each company's policies may vary in this regard.

Furthermore, the existence of specific regulations may determine whether it is necessary to provide this information for certain positions. It is advisable to have criminal records on hand since the laws are usually more rigorous with respect to migrants. In some cases you will have to apostille some documents if necessary.

Documents and criminal records from Honduras

El criminal background document gives personal and detailed information about each Honduran citizen who requests it. Many times the retirement processes that they ask for are accompanied by other necessary documents which are:

These documents will be requested depending on the type of job you are applying for and the position you want to occupy.

Honduran police records price of the procedure

The certificate has a cost to request, also each complementary document will have a cost The specific ones are the following that we express to you below:

  • In the case of criminal records that are going to be used abroad, the cost is 200 lempiras.
  • If the background has a purpose of work and getting married, it is paid 150 lempiras.
  • For the purpose of study record, they are 50 lempiras.

Police records in consulates

In case you want to carry out the criminal record process in any of the Honduran consulates in the United States, choose the state closest to your location and request an appointment:

Other consular procedures that you can carry out as a Honduran in the USA

In case you need to carry out another consular procedure, here is a list for you to select the procedure you need:

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