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Appointment for Honduran Passport in the United States

appointment for Honduran passport

The Honduran passport allows you to personally identify yourself within the United States of America. If you are residing in the USA and need to request your appointment to renew the Honduran passport, we leave you below all the information you need to know to manage the consular appointment properly.

How to make an appointment for a Honduran passport online?

In order to request an appointment for the Honduran passport from the comfort of your home, we leave you the next button.

  1. You must complete the information that appears on the screen, they are:
    • Specify if you are Honduran.
    • Write your location or residence within the US.
    • Select the nearest consulate.
    • Choose what type of service you want to perform, in this case the Honduran passport valid for 5 or 10 years.
    • Write down your identity number.
    • Write your full name and your gender.
    • Specify your date of birth.
    • Express the city and zip code where you live.
    • Write your email.
  2. Then, choose the day of the Honduran passport appointment at the already chosen Honduran consulate.
  3. Subsequently, you must enter your email to confirm the message expressed when the consular appointment was requested.

We inform you that the day of the Honduran passport appointment it is of the utmost importance that you present the required documents and attend punctually at the Honduran consulate chosen within the United States.

Honduras Electronic Passport

The Honduran electronic passport is a much more secure document that has different security measures to ensure travelers their identity and personal data.

In addition, it provides efficiency and speed when requesting a consular appointment and filling out personal data forms online, since it ishe government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have a digital platform that stores all the personal data of Honduran citizens for greater security.

Benefits granted by the electronic passport

Honduran people who travel with the electronic passport will obtain the following benefits:

  • They will not waste so much time crossing the borders between countries.
  • Will reduce waiting time granting of the Honduran passport.
  • You will not have an increase in the value of the passport because its cost is less than or equal to making the traditional passport.
  • In printing centers, procedures will be streamlined.nts of data collections.
  • Does not allow identity theft since continent facial recognition.
  • The information in the document will be available in English and Spanish., this means that you do not have to do the translations requested later.

How to reschedule an appointment for a Honduran passport?

If you need to reschedule the already agreed Honduran passport appointment You must enter your email and look for the email where the consular appointment is confirmed, then with that email you can reschedule your appointment on another day and time. It is necessary that you carry out these steps because the day you cancel your appointment, other people will be given the opportunity to obtain the Honduran passport.

Requirements for the Honduran passport appointment in the USA

The requirements that are request to present the day of the consular appointment are the following:

  • Submit the email with the confirmation of your appointment for Honduran passport online.
  • You must bring the original of your identity card and a copy to deliver to the consulate.
  • If you already have a passport, you can take it with you, although you will not be required to present it.
  • If your Honduran passport was stolen or lost, you must file a complaint with the district federal police.
  • Present the bank receipt that expresses the payment made for the corresponding procedure.
  • If the Honduran passport is for a minor, it is necessary to present the documents of the respective guardians.
  • In case of making more than one passport, it is necessary for each person to request an appointment for a Honduran passport online.

Price of the Honduran passport in the United States

Honduran passport only has 2 validity periods: one is the migration passport of 5 years that has a cost of 60 dollars, and the other passport is the 10-year one that has an amount of 75 dollars. It is necessary to take into account that children under 21 years of age can only access the 5-year-old passport, after that age they will be able to obtain the 10-year-old Honduran passport.

Also, we leave you below the list of banks that you can approach to pay the cost of the procedure realization of your new Honduran passport.

Banks in the USA:

  • Ficohsa Bank.
  • Atlantis Bank.
  • Bac Credomatic
  • West Bank.
  • Banpaís.
  • Danvivienda Bank.

Appointment for Honduran passport face-to-face

To obtain an appointment in person at any of the Honduran consulates in the United States, we leave you below a List of all the consulates that Honduras currently has in the USA. shall choose the state you are in and request your face-to-face appointment.

Once you show up on the agreed date and time at the consular appointment, you must complete the biometric data, fingerprints and photo ID, while verifying that your personal data is in good condition.

We inform you that if you request that your partner's last name appear in the Honduran passport, it is necessary present the marriage certificate, otherwise you will not be able to agree to have your spouse's last name on your new passport.

The management of the procedure is 30 to 60 minutesOnce that time has passed, you will be given your new Honduran passport that you can use within the USA. For the delivery of the same it is necessary that you show your identity card, if you do not have it, your passport will not be delivered to you.

Honduran passport renewal in the United States

The Honduran passport must be renewed before its validity period expires. To carry out the renewal it is necessary to request a appointment for Honduran passport online and then present yourself at the consulate on the day of the consular appointment with the required documents and proof of payment already made.

If you want to make the Honduran passport again due to loss or theft, it is necessary to present the original complaint made, and a copy of it, to the police address of the district or state in which you reside.

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